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    Note: When making a Weather search, make sure you enter a US zipcode or place, state combination or ICAO.
    For international weather (cities, places outside US), just enter the name of the city or place.
    Set your preferences:
    Below is your current/default weather viewing settings. Review your options and click 'Save my settings'.
    Your preferences will be stored as a cookie so that next time you visit the weather page, you find weather details of your chosen place right on the front page.
      Preferred Location:    
      This must be a US zipcode or place, state combination or ICAO.
    For places outside US, you cannot set any preferences at the moment. But, you can quickly get the Weather Forecast for any city worldwide simply by using this link.
      Forecast type:
      Type of forecast information that should be displayed by default whenever you visit the main weather page.
      Look ahead:    
      whether the zone forecast view displays as 3 days or 7 days (if available) forecast.
      Advanced Settings (optional):
      following settings can be helpful if you need to be more selective.
      Hourly Track View:    
      whether the Hourly Track should prefer AVNMOS or NGMMOS prediction model. The AVNMOS models tends to have more coverage area than the NGMMOS models.
    if not sure, leave it as is.
      Radar Type:
      default Radar type when you click the Radar tab for a US location.
    if not sure, leave it as is.
      Radar View:    
      whether the default Radar view is the latest static image or the JavaScript radar animation of the past hour.
    if not sure, leave it as is.


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